Sunday, November 14, 2021

All things Fall and More

I left off about our bee project on my last post! Here is the finished project after we connected to what we learned about the pumpkin life cycle!

I set up an area for them to explore pumpkins, fall harvest  and weight.

I did not make recording sheets for when they weighed pumpkins so on their own they used art materials to record the weight themselves! They are becoming quite the innovative thinkers!

This was the pumpkin they chose to make our Jack-o-lantern. We voted on the shapes for the face. This was a very traditional group!

Some kids LOVE the sensory experience of scooping out the pumpkin guts! They separated the seeds for roasting! 

Some used the art area to show what they noticed about pumpkins.

The kids noticed that the seeds from each pumpkin were different as they explored the inside of the pumpkins.

Here is we’re they last pumpkins are! We will plant a few of the seeds to see if they grow!

The leaves finally started changing color so we could explore the fall leaves! Our student teacher, Miss Megan, set up an area for them to look closer at leaves and see what they notice and wonder.

After exploring, we turned it into a collage art area inspired by the book “Leaf Man.” We just set this up so we don’t have pictures of the students work yet.

We set up an invitation to paint Fall tree scenes. 

This next week we will focus on leaves and being grateful! 

In other news, we all got to dress up for Halloween and have a parade!

Here are some stations that were set up this past month!

Exploring measurement

Exploring patterns

Exploring letter sounds

Exploring sight words

An in invitation for writers

Sight words on the light table

Someone decided to show their letter knowledge in the building area!

Recipes for alphabet soup in our dramatic play area.

More sight word exploration.

Miss Megan set out an area for them to use different materials to show numbers in different ways.

Here are a couple of mathematician during play time! Look at their focus! If it’s their choice, they focus so well!

I love the creations in our building areas! In each one you can see the creative and critical thinking going on!

A lot of creative story telling happens here also!

At first glance this looks like a random mess, but look closer! You can see the intentionality of each piece! This was very thoughtfully planned!

This is a tea party at the beach! Again, every item is intentionally placed! I love the wood pieces and granny squares they are using for their tea cups!

It has been an amazing month of growth here in our inquiry/play based room! I can’t wait to see where they will take us next!