Sunday, February 12, 2017

Exploring Sound in Kindergarten

I can see why they have made exploring sound one of our science standards.  Every year, without any push from me, the kids start showing me how different objects make sound in different ways. It always seems to be an interest that leads to an inquiry. This year, the interest started the first month of school!  Especially when we were outside.

Showing how pouring rocks into the cups made different sounds. She also shook them to make sound.

Banging pot lids on a metal pole made a very loud sound!

Noticing that the sound traveled through both pipes when they connected them.

This friend was creating a rhythm using different materials by striking each object.

I set out some invitations for them to explore different instruments to see what they could find out about sound.

They noticed that each glass made a different sound.  The more liquid, the lower the sound.

An invitation to see what they notice about strumming and how different materials create different sounds.

Large, medium, and small beads were available to put in a jar and shake. 

I put out some recyclables for them to create different kinds of instruments that would make sound in different ways.

They were very creative and created instruments that you had to strike, shake, strum or blow to make sound.

I set out this large floor keyboard and it was an instant hit with the kids!  They explored all the different sounds by hitting different keys and moving on it in different ways.

I set out some sharpies and watercolors and let our artists show what they noticed when they looked closer at some pictures of instruments.

They turned out beautiful!

The kids learned that sound was caused by vibration, but that something had to start the vibration.  They noticed that they could produce sound by striking, shaking, blowing, strumming and rubbing.  We formed expert groups and they each made circle maps showing instruments that made sound in the way they were focussing on.

The kids on each expert team picked an instrument to model how it makes sound.  We started collecting a lot of recyclables to help us create these instruments.

We then got to work on our projects. The kids had to test out different materials to see what sound they produced.  Below you can see a friend testing out different sized beads for her egg shakers.

Fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination were definitely getting a workout!

Using a wooden mallet and screw (I didn't have a nail) to create a hole to thread her handles onto her cymbals.

Painting maracas.

Threading nuts onto bolts to create a nice tight handle on a bell.

Threading yarn into chimes from a broken wind chime to create a  triangle.

Beads threaded onto pipe cleaners to make shekers.

While I was working on projects with the kids, I noticed some instruments popping up in our art studio so I set out some invitations to create some Picasso inspired blue guitar art.  Their creations amazed me!

I displayed their art with the data they collected showing the different ways they discovered they could make sound and their circle maps showing instruments that make sound in those ways.

All of their amazing instrument projects are displayed also along with their beautiful watercolor instrument art.

The last step is for the kids to present their projects and show how they make sound and what they noticed.

Some other things they have shared and demonstrated throughout the inquiry is that rhythm is a pattern made from sound.  Different materials can affect sound and size can affect sound.  They loved watching videos from youtube of the group STOMP.  This also lead to them using recyclables and objects like buckets and pipes to create rhythm and sound.  This is always such a fun, hands on inquiry to do with the kids!  Now on to our next inquiry!  Wait until you see what we investigate next!