Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow and Water

One of the things the kids wondered about snow was: What would happen if they put snow in water?  We had one small problem.  All of the snow outside had melted! When I pointed this out, they told me what I always tell them.  We can solve problems!  So... I brought in my snow cone machine to make our own!  Some predicted that it would turn to ice and others predicted that it would melt.  The kids each took a spoonful of "snow" and dropped it into their own cup of water.  They observed what happened and recorded the results.  The snow melted!   We discussed why.  They came to the conclusion that the water was warmer so the snow melted and turned to water!  Smart Cookies!!  This was an easy and fun experiment to do with the kids and gave them more practice for documenting results.

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