Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Friendship Art

My Kindergrtners last year created this friendship art:

My friends this year were inspired by it and wanted to make one also!  I asked them if they wanted it to look the same or did they have some different ideas? They decided they wanted to match the color of their skin for their hand prints, but they really wanted a colored background. We used our promethium board to vote on the color. 

Purple had the most votes. Since they have been showing interest in color shades I let them mix different shades of purple and paint it on the canvas. 

We learned very quickly that too much black takes away almost all of the purple! After noticing that, they used less. I thought I had pictures of them painting the canvas but I can't find them!  They had fun and did a great job though! 

Next they matched paint to their skin color. Some needed to add a little more white or brown to the base colors we already had available to them. They loved the feel of the paint on their hands!

They made their handprint and we wrote their name next to their print. 

To celebrate our new friendships, we made a "friends" sign using collage materials to label and display with our painting. They created an AB pattern using sparkles and rocks and used lots of glue! They LOVE to glue things!  

Here is the finished friendship painting.  I love it!

Here is the display outside our classroom on our welcome table. 

I have seen the saying on our wall all over Pinterest but I have no idea where original source came from. I love that saying so much!

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