Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why Does Art Play Such An Important Part In Our Class

The kids in this class love art. Especially process art. This is when they just enjoy the process of creating art without directions or guidance from me. Why would I think this is beneficial and has a place in our classroom when there is so much pressure to stick to academics?

When children have opportunities to create in this way, they develope habits that will help them in every other area in the classroom such as Observing, Creating, Reflecting, Exploring, Engaging, Persisting, Colaborating, Developing Craft, Envisioning, and Expressing! These habits help students develop critical thinking skills that they will be able to apply in all the disciplines! These habits are just as important for math and science as they are for the arts. They are 21st Century Learning Skills that they will need to be successful in life. Employers want people who can collaborate together and use critical and creative thinking skills. Working on a collaborative art piece is one way to foster this! Many children love to express themselves through art so I make sure to provide plenty of experiences for them! Especially this class! 

On Black Friday I came across this wonderful 3X4 foot canvas for 70% off! I was thrilled because canvases are usually way too expensive for me to buy when they are this big! I set it up on the easel in our studio corner. 

I put out different shades of blue paint with some large brushes and told them they could do whatever they wanted on it. They started to paint pictures but then started getting into the process of mixing the colors all over the board. Before we knew it, they had covered he whole canvas and kept on going!

Each day they would choose a color and I would provide colors that would mix well with it.  Then I last them pick brushes and go at it!

At one point I layed the painting on the floor with some yarn and some paint and told them to use the yarn to put paint on the canvas. They loved this. They surprised me by sticking their wet, paint covered yarn to the canvas! I loved the texture it added! 

I love the finished product! I think it would look beautiful hanging in any house, museum or classroom!

We hung the finished product up in our dramatic play area. 

I love that the kids have added such beauty to our classroom environment!


  1. I love it, and can't wait to see it in person! One question I have is ... how do you know when it's "finished?"

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  3. This is such a beautiful way to encourage and celebrate collaboration!

  4. Hi! wonderful! Do you use tempera for this?

    1. Yes Rossana! I cracks a little as it ages if its on really thick, but still works great!
      Darla Myers