Saturday, March 11, 2017

What We Learned Through Superheroes: Part 2

After exploring superheroes and their powers, the kids wanted to create their own superhero identities. They each used creative thinking to draw a picture of what they would look like in their superhero costume. 


Next they started creating! They made masks to keep their identities secret!


They also created capes, shields, arm cuffs, boosters and gadgets to add to their costumes.





They decided to put on a fashion show for a few classes. They told our guest classes what their superhero name was and their super power.  They walked the carpet, doing a superhero pose in the middle. This was a great opportunity for them to practice their speaking skills in front of an audience. It's always harder when you don't know everyone who is watching, but they did such a great job!




When we were finished, the kids went to their tables and read their superhero posters they made and the books they wrote to our guests. They have to use all the reading strategies we have talked about in order to reread their stories! If they couldn't, they could tell what was happening in their pictures. 





When they finished, they shared  the superhero books that they have enjoyed so much with them. 


I hung up documentation of our superhero journey showing what we did and what we learned through superheroes for parents to see when they come in for conferences this month. Here is one section.


The kids played outside in their costumes, and we watched "The Incredibles" to celebrate the end of a wonderful inquiry! 

I had never done a superhero inquiry before! I am so glad that the kids showed this interest so that we could explore and investigate such fun concepts together! It just shows that you can take the children's interests, whatever they are, and use it to further their skills! 


  1. Hi Darla,

    I found you while collecting ideas on Pinterest. I think you are an incredible teacher, and I love that you use inquiry and exploration in your teaching. It truly is inspiring.

    I am a teacher's aid in a 2nd grade classroom, and a student studying Early Childhood Education. I see what I am learning within your teaching and classroom. It makes me so excited to have my own classroom someday. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  2. haha..look at their faces...:) so funny and entertaining really. i liked the way you entertained these little kids. children always love wearing these kinds of costumes and masks that are prepared with having their best heroes in the mind.

  3. Wow, your kids are really super and heroes. They are talented and seem they had much fun while making the masks and dressing up. Thanks for sharing.