Saturday, May 6, 2017

April Skies: Using Art for Science

During our Sky Inquiry, we decided to create a collaborative art piece that showed the color of the sky for each day of April.  I love using art and science together! The kids would take turns looking at the sky, mixing paint to match the color of the sky that day, then add it to our canvas.

The kids loved this!  Here is our finished canvas.  Of course, we named it "April Skies."

We looked at the canvas to see what this piece of art they created told us about the sky in April and recorded what we noticed. Here is how we displayed it in the hallway outside of our room.

Art and Science are two of my favorite things so if I have a chance to use them together, I will!

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  1. So much learning in so many ways. I will be sharing this with our pre-service teachers. Thanks for providing such wonderful inspiration and food for thought!