Saturday, May 10, 2014

Inquiring About Butterflies

All of the classes in our school received caterpillars to observe this month!  The kids were so excited to see the provocation set up when they walked in!

The kids documented, observed and wondered as the caterpillars grew, shed skin, and created their chrysalis. Finally, this week, they emerged as beautiful butterflies! This was a favorite area to visit as they observed and documented the butterflies!  Using resources set out for them, they researched and identified them as Painted Ladies. 

After witnessing the life cycle of the butterfly, they documented it using materials set out for them. 

We decided on Friday to let them go.  It was supposed to rain and they had a discussion about how they would protect themselves. They initially did not want to let them go, but when we talked about what they needed and where they would be happiest, they agreed it was for the best. We went outside and enjoyed them, said our goodbyes, and created more happy memories!

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