Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

11 years ago, I received a gift from my son that he had made in Kindergarten with his wonderful teacher, Mrs, Hamm. It was so beautiful, I cried when I opened it and read the poem and realized that I had to have my Kinders create the same thing so that their mothers could feel as I did on the day I received my most special gift.

We started out by posing for our mothers holding flowers that they will be able to enjoy forever.  The boys loved putting on one of Mr. Myers old suits!  I loved the community shown by the kids as they dressed and posed. They were helpful, encouraging, and full of compliments for each other.  They were very serious about posing because they wanted these perfect for their mothers!

Each picture captures their personality perfectly!

Then we created beautiful silvery frames.

The kids glued this poem on the back.  I have no idea who created this poem, but it goes perfectly with their pictures. 

They created gift bags...

and cards.

I hope all of you mothers enjoyed receiving this gift as much as I did! I still have mine, eleven years later. The pasta is disintegrating but it will stay displayed in my kitchen forever. I once asked my son if he would like to remake the frame since the original was falling apart.  He was horrified!  "But mom! I made that frame in Kindergarten!" Lesson learned.  I will keep it, even after all the pasta falls off!

They asked me if they could take "Family Photos" of each group as I took them outside. These "Family Photos" are some of my favorite pictures ever! They truly capture their personalities, their love for each other and the community they have built during this year together!


  1. The children are so lucky to be in your class, Darla.
    You do some lovely things with them.
    Rachel (",)

  2. I love that I now have two of these beautiful pictures to display together - one from my now middle school daughter (08 Myers class) and one from my current kinder kid! I will treasure them forever and thank you so much for helping my girls create this special gift for me!

  3. how did you get the photos in black and white and the flowers in colour?

    1. I used an app on my phone and/or iPad called photo splash. It is very easy!