Monday, November 17, 2014

Looking Closer at Pumpkins

We did not have an in-depth inquiry about pumpkins since we have been digging deep into architecture, engineering and block making as you saw in the last post.  But we had pumpkins and gourds at our "Look Closer" table, and a lot of exploring and noticing went on there! Here are some photos that capture some of the learning moments with pumpkins and gourds. 

We picked four different sized pumpkins and the kids predicted which would have the most seeds. 

They had a great sensory experience digging out thhe seeds and separating them from the pulp!

Each table had the seeds from one of the pumpkins and counted them into groups of tens. 

I took a picture of the seeds from each table and projected them onto the promethium board so that we could count them all by tens together. The kids were of coarse trying to count the groups on their own also while they were at their tables. 

After counting them by tens, we found out that the biggest pumpkin did have the most seeds, but the smallest one only had 20 less!  They were very surprised by that!

On our last day before break, the kids begged me to cut open all of the tiny pumpkins and gourds so they could see the seeds inside of them and explore. Of course I had to oblige! 

We are now on break and will start something new when we get back! I wonder what it could be? Also stay tuned for a post about our Friendship Feast! It was amazing!


  1. I love how you have such connections across your centers. Do they stay out all day/week long? I have a space issue in that my students eat breakfast at the same tables as i use for center provocations. Any ideas on how to manage that? I'm constanly taking things down and setting them back up. It is very time consuming!

    1. I am very lucky because I have the biggest room in our school so I have a lot of extra tables and shelves available for loose parts, science, engineering and art! This allows me to leave it all out. Most teachers in our building have to put everything on trays for kids to take to the tables. Most rooms in our school don't even have a home living, building or art area because of the small size of their rooms! I know they see the things I do and get frustrated that they can't do it. If I had a smaller room, I would probably have to make the stations smaller to fit in the middle of the same tables they eat breakfast on, than have a central location for tools and paper. Last year I did not have a "Look Closer" table because I had 30 kids so that table was also used for breakfast. If I get one more student this year, I will have to give it up again. Good luck!