Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Friendship Feast

To celebrate the new friendships that have developed and to continue to build relationships with our families, three of our classes decided to hold a Friendship Feast right before our Thanksgiving break. We had the feast in the evening so that more parents would be able to join us. The kids created invitations inviting families to come.  

I was blown away that almost every family from our class was able to come! That meant we needed to get planning! We had parents sign up to bring items for the feast. Our amazing head of food services provided her fabulous roast turkey and cooked it for us on our feast day!
Next we decided to create a beautiful (kid-created) environment to hold our feast. 
We created pumpkins for centerpieces by stuffing paper bags with newsprint, twisting the top and painting them. The kids traced their hands on green paper and cut them out for the leaves. 

We painted our hands to create this friendship banner with the other classes involved. 

The kids collaborated in small groups to come up with a design for a table runner, sketched it on the runner and then painted it. 

We made labels for all of the food that would be set out. 

We created "Thank You" cards for the head cook for making us turkey and the custodians who helped set everything up and helped us to tear it all down and clean it all up afterward. 

Then us teachers took everything our three classes made to the gym after school and set it all up. 

As families arrived, we organized the food on the buffet and the celebration began!  You could see signs of friendship and community building everywhere you looked!

We had around 200 people show up for this wonderful celebration of friendship. I had so much fun talking with families and enjoying a wonderful evening with them all! I always enjoy building relationships with the families that I have the privilege to work with. I hope we can do it again!

Here is the wonderful team of teachers that worked together to make this all happen. I am so lucky to work with such a wonderful group and I can never thank them enough! I adore them!

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving Break full of family, friends, and food! Enjoy every moment!


  1. I just found your blog last night and have been so busy reading it that I haven't been doing anything else I've needed to today. I'm in my 20th year of teaching and am tired of being a traditional kindergarten teacher. I have wanted to make this type of change but have been concerned because of all of our standards. It's great to see that it is possible because I teach in a suburb of Columbus and have the same standards as you. If you would like to connect, please let me know and I'll send you my email address. I sure could use the support from someone who has been in the same situation as I. Lisa

  2. Wow I am very happy to see that you teach so many creative activities to these little kids in your preschool, my daughter has grown up now so I am also looking for a best Phoenix preschool for her. Thanks for sharing these tips!