Saturday, February 1, 2014

Investigating Castles: Part 3 (Continuing Comparing Past and Present)

Again, we had another short week due to weather, but we still got a ton of investigating done!  We finished up our great hall with items from the past. They finished the candle chandeliers for our kitchen and great hall to provide us with more light as they did in the past before electricity. 

The nobel ladies continued using materials set out to create hats and jeweled cuffs. 

They saw in a book that tapestries were hung on the walls to keep out drafts. One of the kids suggested that we make one and the rest agreed, so I created a loom for them to weave a "tapestry." I also set out some yarn and a canvas for them to create art using embroidery. These provided a great way to give their finger muscles a much needed workout!  

We found out that in medieval days, they did not have cameras! If they wanted pictures of themselves they had to have an artist paint thier portrait.  They hung thier portraits on the castle walls. Our resident artists painted portraits of their friends as royalty and we hung them up in our great hall. 

We have investigated castles and castle life, focussing on how things were different back in the medieval days compared to the present. We are now investigating castle defense. We have learned all about knights the past two days.  Both the boys and girls are really interested in this! We will continue investigating knights into next week. I am going to save this for the next post, but I have to show you a sneak peak because it is so cute!

I'll bet you can't wait to see the rest! 

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