Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kindergarten Researchers: Writing Nonfiction Books

Our kids are fascinated with nonfiction books. They love reading about real things!  We decided to learn how to write nonfiction books by having all of us write one about castles. Each day, we learned about an element of nonfiction books such as labeling, fun facts, close up pictures, maps, questions and having fun with font to title what each page was about.  

After our first try with our castle books, the kids picked a subject they were interested in to research and write a non fiction book about. They were very focused during their research!

Some researched in teams since they picked the same topic to write about. 

I love how our friend below has literally surrounded herself with books to do her research!

They created web maps to organize their thoughts before writing their books. 

After they researched and organized their data, they started writing their books, using their web maps to remind them of what they had learned during their research.  Subjects ranged from worms, birds, Guinness pigs and insects to volcanos and planets! 

After writing their books, most of the kids wanted to put the books they wrote in our class library for others to read. Parents, the kids will be bringing home their books for you to enjoy soon!

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