Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day was a day of celebrating our friendship! The kids brought in fruit to make a Friendship Fruit Salad! It was beautiful and delicious! I was worried we would not have enough fruit but we had plenty!  Our friends added the fruit they brought into our giant bowl.

Look at how beautiful this salad was!

I was worried we wouldn't have enough fruit! I obviously worried for nothing! Our families are extremely generous!  The kids loved it! I gave them huge helpings and they were still coming up for seconds and thirds!

We also created a friendship painting. The kids told me what they thought love was and I added their quotes to the painting. Such wisdom from the mouths of babes!

They created very creative boxes with their families to hold valentines from their friends. 

We have made some amazing friendships this year! That is definitely worth celebrating!

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